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Intel 82579V Gigabit Ethernet Driver for Debian Wheezy

Apparently, this ethernet device still causes problems to Debian’s “Wheezy” distribution.

In response to a request I present the pre-compiled kernel module for amd64 only.

Instructions on how to get this puppy running are still available via this post and the comments below it.

“Write anywhere” vulnerability in Parallels Confixx

A proof of concept of a vulnerability in Parallels Confixx 3.3.9 (latest and final version) allowing an attacker to gain full write access (as root) to a UNIX server operating said hosting software.

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Apache Range header vulnerability script

I wrote an upgraded variant of the Apache killer script propagated on Full Disclosure capable of HTTPS requests. Also, other than its descendant, it can follow a server’s initial response for redirection which the original script interprets as the server not being vulnerable.

Script is available here: Apache Vulnerability Check (2690)

This script merely checks for vulnarabilities but will not exploit them.

SSH authentication using a client certificate

Strong passwords are a necessity when it comes to securing almost anything. This article shows how you can go that extra mile to securing access to an OpenSSH enabled server using not passwords but by flashing a badge… Continue Reading

Intel 82579V Gigabit Ethernet Driver for Debian Squeeze

To those trying to install the new Debian Squeeze distribution and being owners of an Intel 82579V Gigabit Ethernet adaptor to which appropriate driver files are missing from the installation disks (I tried netinst and KDE-disk1), I present a compiled kernel module for AMD64. Continue Reading