Not that perfect

This site started out as a silent outcry to television related misuse of code.

Here be examples:

From a motion picture abusing the ability of USB sticks (“The Recruit”):

The Recruit

The Recruit

From my all-time favorite TV show “24”:

24, Season 4, Episode 7

24, Season 4, Episode 7

24, Season 4, Episode 7

24, Season 4, Episode 7

WTF, people?

Why is it that these kind of productions have a budget reaching a gazillion dollars and yet, there are no advisors to actual IT stuff? Even the caterers are mentioned in the credits. There’s military advisors which get credit.

Start asking programmers: is this code cool? Or is it crap?

Plus the UI. Why the hell does every interaction with something have to emit a beep?! I’d personally go nucking futs if my OS would honor each an every action I took with playing a useless wave file…

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1 thought on “Not that perfect”

  1. Well, I know what you mean. I laughed about this often enough. Beep. Beep. Beep. WOAAA!!! How can the concentrate on terrorists?

    It really looks cool, nice GUI and perfect Beeptiming. But not usefull for more than a showcase g

    TV is just great. Lets wait for SESSION 9 (will never be there? 🙁 ) or the great 24 movie. Hope it will not suck like Redemption…

    Kind regards Patrick

    P.S.: Nice blog, filling my rss reader now. thank you!

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