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To deprecate or not to deprecate

As of version 5.3 of PHP, certain features and functions are considered deprecated. It comes with the territory. In major version changes, new features are added while old stuff is discarded. Unsurprisingly – and lucky for me, with that change in versions comes yet another WTF for me to rant about.

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Twitter plugin for WordPress

I recently installed V.J. Catkick@’s Twitter Plugin for WordPress. Shortly thereafter I noticed my HTML validator Firefox Plugin changing from a pleasing green check mark to a nasty red cross complaining about (X)HTML validation errors.

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SSH authentication using a client certificate

Strong passwords are a necessity when it comes to securing almost anything. This article shows how you can go that extra mile to securing access to an OpenSSH enabled server using not passwords but by flashing a badge… Continue Reading

Server updated thanks to WordPress 3.2

I seriously have to double-check my upgrading policies. Only thanks to WordPress’ new requirements have I decided to finally update this server.

Though I had to say goodbye to 526 days of uptime, I kinda feel better now knowing it’s not running on Debian Etch anymore.