The Boolean paradox

A small comparison just cost me half an hour of valueable time. In an ongoing series, I shall present another PHP WTF: The Boolean paradox.

To deprecate or not to deprecate

As of version 5.3 of PHP, certain features and functions are considered deprecated. It comes with the territory. In major version changes, new features are added while old stuff is

Twitter plugin for WordPress

I recently installed V.J. Catkick@’s Twitter Plugin for WordPress. Shortly thereafter I noticed my HTML validator Firefox Plugin changing from a pleasing green check mark to a nasty red cross

The whitespace of death

As the first entry to the list of my PHP-related WTFs, I present: The whitespace of death This one has taken me almost a full hour to sort out. There

Why HTTP_HOST is evil

When browsing Stackoverflow I often notice users asking questions somehow involving the use of HTTP_HOST. I nonchalantly hint on its vulnerable nature and fail to produce a hint on an