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Talking with Herbert from Microsoft

At work I’m stuck with Microsoft Office XP Professional. My previous workstation was one that belonged in a museum (and now luckily is) and had no problems activating Office XP. With my new and shiny workstation (running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit), activating the software was impossible.

After some googling I found a forum with a post suggesting to contact Microsoft Support via chat. The following is my conversation with “Herbert” from Microsoft support…

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Server updated thanks to WordPress 3.2

I seriously have to double-check my upgrading policies. Only thanks to WordPress’ new requirements have I decided to finally update this server.

Though I had to say goodbye to 526 days of uptime, I kinda feel better now knowing it’s not running on Debian Etch anymore.

youtube – 500 Internal Server Error

Listening to youtube playlists for a long time can yield unexpected results…

While listening to the playlist “YouTube Mix for Vitalic”, after the transition from song 38 to 39, youtube showed me this:

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