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Cyberpunk 2077 – ESDF Keybindings

Who would’ve thunk that when it was released, Cyberpunk 2077 would be without bugs.

One major annoying bug is that some key bindings appear to be hard-wired and cannot be changed. For those that have evolved from WASD, binding everything “one key to the right” (namely: to ESDF), is impossible.

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Instructions for down or upgrading Ubiquiti (UniFi) USG

Sometimes it doesn’t work upgrading or downgrading via the UniFi Controller GUI. If that is the case, doing it via the CLI is quite safe and should work without any issues.

Below is a step-by-step guide:



  • Download desired firmware (i.e v4.3.23.4913544)
  • Run FileZilla Client
  • Use sftp://yourfwipaddress with Siteusername and Sitepassword (leave Port blank), then Quickconnect
  • Upload the downloaded firmware upgrade.tar to the connected folder
  • Run PuTTY, Terminal (Mac/Linux) or any SSH-client to connect to your firewall
  • Connect using credentials Siteusername and Sitepassword to yourfwipaddress
  • Make sure you are in your homefolder (i.e /home/admin if your Siteusername is Admin)
  • Run sudo syswrapper.sh upgrade upgrade.tar
  • Once fully run device will restart and you will get disconnected from the session
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  • Talking with Herbert from Microsoft

    At work I’m stuck with Microsoft Office XP Professional. My previous workstation was one that belonged in a museum (and now luckily is) and had no problems activating Office XP. With my new and shiny workstation (running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit), activating the software was impossible.

    After some googling I found a forum with a post suggesting to contact Microsoft Support via chat. The following is my conversation with “Herbert” from Microsoft support…

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    Server updated thanks to WordPress 3.2

    I seriously have to double-check my upgrading policies. Only thanks to WordPress’ new requirements have I decided to finally update this server.

    Though I had to say goodbye to 526 days of uptime, I kinda feel better now knowing it’s not running on Debian Etch anymore.

    youtube – 500 Internal Server Error

    Listening to youtube playlists for a long time can yield unexpected results…

    While listening to the playlist “YouTube Mix for Vitalic”, after the transition from song 38 to 39, youtube showed me this:

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